Each country has become an expansive hot stop for mid and small businesses. Every other person wants to get into entrepreneurship and start something of their own.

An entrepreneur is one, who is an innovator, a source of brilliant and new marketing ideas and developments and makes it a reality…

Starting an Online Business — Sell online

Nowadays, more and more people are buying things online. The popularity of online sales has been growing steadily in recent years, with an additional boost from the pandemic.

Online sales have many advantages: you can offer customers a product, a service, and so on, you are not limited by geographical…


Influencer — people who can affect a certain audience. They are not celebrities, they are ordinary people, the main tools of their interaction with the audience are social networks: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube … They tell about the latest news, new trends, topics that can be endlessly listed, they exist in…

It is easy to find the right candidate when it all comes together in one place.

Bizfor’s was created to help various Business companies register with us and give them opportunity to introduce their products to the target audience.

Our goal is to create such a base where companies will be distributed according to the industry, countries or regions. Companies registered with us are given the opportunity to increase online awareness through our site, present their company, products and offers produced by them to potential customers or partners, current or future company events, provide information about the company to the target audience.

Join Bizfor’s affiliate program and earn money

Bizfor’s offers you to participate in the referral program. Participants are given the opportunity to make money by promoting our International Business Directory.

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International Business Catalogue

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