Influencer — people who can affect a certain audience. They are not celebrities, they are ordinary people, the main tools of their interaction with the audience are social networks: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube … They tell about the latest news, new trends, topics that can be endlessly listed, they exist in virtually every field. Influencer — this is a social phenomenon that can successfully spread his view and attitudes.

They have a loyal audience that listens to them and trusts them. They are not just bloggers with a large number of readers: they work to build the trust of their audience, carefully choose the content they deliver to their listeners, do not forget the truth: their audience is their main asset in social networking, a simple mistake will cost them a loss of listeners. It is not necessary for their audience to be multimillion, the main other factor is: the trust and loyalty of the audience.

Companies — big or small — try to promote their brand with the help of influencers, it is an effective and promising channel of customer relations.


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